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Novacart Russia is committed to the principles of sustainable growth and corporate social value. Together with Novacart Group, we actively strive to reduce our impact on the environment for a better future.

Environmental sustainability

Our strategies and work are based on a careful assessment of our production’s environmental impact and on the protection of natural resources. We support and follow the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations for 2030. This is why we always carefully choose the raw materials, using FSC certified paper that ensures responsible management of forests, meaning that more trees are planted than those that are cut. The production and distribution sites owned by our group all around the world use storage modes that optimize transport by stacking boxes for the transfer of a higher number of products, reducing harmful emissions. We also try to optimize packaging and reduce waste.

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Social sustainability

Always in accordance with the sustainable development goals set by the United Nations, we strive to promote the well-being and health of all the people coming into contact with our company.

We adopt codes of conduct supporting responsible economic growth and invest our resources to improve the working conditions of our employees.

We carefully monitor each stage of our production chain through certified checks, so that we are able to guarantee the safety of employees, customers, end-consumers and in general every individual involved in the group's activities.

Economic sustainability

Our mission is to create value and growth for the communities and territories in which we operate, always in a sustainable manner. Being a market leader allows us to give economic solidity while creating wealth for the territory and the local population.

We offer jobs and explore new markets, we open new locations and invest in research fostering continuous innovation.

We try to reduce the production costs of our supply chain, so that our products can remain competitive on the market.

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