Novacart Russia consumer packs for large retailers

For large retailers

We have a wide selection of products for large retailers and shops: our products come in packaging suitable for the sales shelf that can also be customized.

Multiple uses in one product

Our baking molds and cups are perfectly suitable for multiple uses: they can withstand the high temperatures of traditional ovens, but they are also suitable for freezing and microwave ovens.

They guarantee safety and hygiene, they do not need to be buttered and they can also be used without preformed metal trays thanks to their free-standing structure.

Their modern and captivating design makes them ideal for both cooking and presentation.

A wide choice of shapes, sizes and colors is combined with winning technical features.

Novacart Russia baking products for large retailers
Novacart Russia consumer packs

Quality at your service

The quality of our products is at the complete service of our customers.

We know how much large retailers need to stand out from the competition, so we offer the opportunity to impress customizations on our packaging for retail and part of our products.

We are also available with our ideas and our suggestions to find the most suitable design for every need.

Novacart Russia catalog

The catalog of our products

Distributors in the world

We are located in over eighty countries in the world with local representatives and an efficient distribution network. If you are looking for a distributor fill out the form and we will show you the one that best suits your needs.

Business contact

Contact us for any request or commercial information, we will reply as soon as possible.

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